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Life can be challenging, and tough encounters are not a sign of failure but a sign that support is needed. Counselling is surrounded by lots of stigmas. It is normal for people to think that those who visit counsellors are in some way “less than” people that do not need this type of treatment. Counselling can be beneficial for everyone, not just those who need it to treat issues such as anxiety, depression, doubt/ lack of confidence, and more.

Inner Glance is a counselling practice where we prioritise creating a safe and comfortable therapeutic space for significant change to occur. Inner Glance strives to provide a high level of therapeutic skill and professionalism. We work with adults, children and families from all ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, and religious, spiritual, and non-religious perspectives.

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Why Choose Us ?

We understand that you have the choice to choose from a wide range of counselors. Our team of dynamic counselors is what makes Life Balance Counseling different from the rest! Our counselors have various specializations to meet the specific needs of each individual. We understand that each person's experience is unique to them.

  • We are dedicated to improving the lives of others.

  • We are empathetic and compassionate and strive to meet each individual’s needs and expectations.

  • We provide a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

  • We truly care about each individual and family that seeks our services.

  • We believe that you have the ability to make changes.

  • We are solution focused and are here to help you achieve your goals in order to live the life you desire.

Our Team

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Dr. Madhvi Mohindra

Having worked as a therapist for over two decades, my objective is to help you see things in a new way, to help you have fulfilling relationships with others and yourself, and to help you find relief from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and other things that stop you from enjoying a fulfilling life. Over the years, I have worked with adults, couples and children from a wide range of life-experiences.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples & Families